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Bridal Trials

1.  Can or should I bring someone to watch at the trial?
Yes, you may bring one guest to come and give you feedback.

2. Can you travel to my location for the trial?
No, I only  prefer/ recommend doing trials at my studio in Canley Heights.

3. What do I need to bring to the trial? 
-  2 to 3 of your favourite hairstyle/ makeup images.
- Wedding dress pictures.
-  Veil/ hair extensions/ accessories.
- Your own products IF you have sensitive skin or simply prefer your own.

4. Should I have eyelash extension on for the makeup trial?
No, because that will be very limiting, not flexible (as I won't be able to customise the lashes according to your eye shape) and highly not recommended.

5. What if I have short hair but I want to trial out a few hairstyles that requires more length or volume?
 Hold off the hair trial until your hair grows a bit more OR purchase hair extensions.

6. What if I have dark hair for the trial?
- Highly recommend looking at inspiration photos of girls with dark hair (Do NOT look at lighter e.g. blondes hair images if you do not have blonde hair because it will not turn out the same).

7.  Should I have my hair wash the night before?

8. What usually happens at the trial?
- We will first have a thorough consultation before deciding on a style we will try.
- Is a 3 hours sessions for hair and makeup (1.5 hours individually per a service).

9. Do you recommend having the trial for the engagement shoot?
No, just incase you the wont be suitable for you.

10. Can I try multiple makeup looks/ hairstyles at the trial?
- For makeup: Only have 2 different eyeshadows style/ colours on each eye.
- For hair: Only 1 style, unless the other styles is achievable during the process.

Bridal MakeUp

1. How long is the makeup application?
One hour to one hour and a half.

2. Can you apply eyelid tape?
Yes, and eyelid tape are included. 

3. Will my makeup last all day?
- Depends on your skin type (this would of been discussed at the makeup trial consultation).
- Depends on the weather.
- Most makeup products are listed to lasting up to 8 hours max, Lily able to stretch it to 10 hours max.

4. Should I have a touch-up service?
- Yes, if your wedding exceed over 10 hours. 
- It also depends on your skin type (this would of been discussed at the makeup trial consultation).

Bridal Hair

1. How long is the hair application?
One hour to one hour and a half.

2. ​Can you apply Hair Extensions?

3. Do you supply Hair Extensions?
Yes (can only hire).

4. What hair extensions brand does Lily use?
Zala hair extensions.

5. What Hair Extensions do you recommend?
Real human hair.

6. Do you supply Hair Accessories?
- Only some at the moment. 
- Can only hire.

7. What if I have naturally wavy/ curly hair?
Please have it straighten prior to the appointment. 

8.  Should I have my hair wash the night before?

9.  Does the bridal hair touchup include a hair change?


Premium Full-Day Service

1.  How do I know if I need a full day service?
If you have:
- An early start in morning and finish quite late
- Are held in hot summer months or other unusual weather conditions
- Are destination weddings
- Have several bridal dress/accessory changes
- OR simply because you want to be absolutely sure you'll look perfect all day long!

2. How long is the full-day service?
12 hours, starting from the time Lily starts your Hair/Makeup. 
​* If you go second last, Lily will deducted the last person time out of the 12 hours period. 

3.  Does this include bridesmaids hair/ makeup?
No, only bridesmaids touchup throughout the day are included. 

4. Does this include travel costs?
Unfortunately, it does not. Please discuss this with Lily.

On the Wedding Day

1. When will Lily and her team arrive to set up?
About 15 minutes prior to the start time.

2. How do I set up the Hair/ Makeup station for Lily?
A week prior to your wedding, you will receive an email containing a checklist.

3. Do I pay the remaining payment on my wedding day?
No, a week prior to your wedding, you will receive an email instructing you how to make the final payment.


1.  How do I pay?
A non refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure the date. The balance is due on the day of the class in cash.

2.  Can you help me find a model?
Unfortunately I won't be able to help with finding models. Students are required to provide their own models. If you are attending a full day hair class you may work on mannequin head for half of the lesson and bring 1 model for the second half of the class. Previous students have used,, and various modelling agency to find models.

3.  Can you come to my house/salon to train me?
If you are in Sydney I will be able to come, however a travel fee do apply.

4.  Do you offer group classes for 2 - 3 people?
Unfortunately I'm only offering one on one classes at the moment. 

5.  Do I need to bring my tools?
You don’t need to bring anything. All tools and products will be provided for you. Except: for makeup course, please bring our own brushes. 

6.  Will I get a certificate for attending the course?
A printed certificate of completion can be given upon request.

7.  I've never had hair Or makeup training, can you teach beginners?
Yes, but please note that if you are new or don't have a lot of experience the pace of the class will be slower.

Other Services

1. How long is the hair application?
- 30 minutes to an hour.
- If you have thick and long hair: one hour.
​(Please advise me if you have middle eastern or extremely thick hair)

2. What if I have naturally wavy/ curly hair?
Please have it straighten prior to the appointment. 

3.  Should I have my hair wash the night before?

4. How long is the makeup application?
One hour.

5. Do you provide false lashes for special occasion makeup?
Yes, but only standard ones.
If you want to upgrade to thicker OR mink lashes: additional costs will apply.

6. Can you apply eyelid tape?
Yes, but this is not included, additional cost will apply.

7. What if I have sensitive skin or prefer my own products?
It's best to bring your own products along.

​8. What ranges of products do you use?
All high ends range: Mac, Nars, Toofaced, Becca, Urban Decay, Tarte, Modelrock lashes, Huda Beauty etc..

1. Do you travel interstate or overseas for wedding bookings?
- Yes, If it fits in with my schedule. 
- The client will need to provide: return flights, baggage allowance, accommodation, transportation to the location and compensation fee for lost of work during the travel time (IF it's a long travel).

2. Do you travel out for one person?
Mostly no, only when my schedule is flexible (but that's very rare).​​


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